Are you a start up? Want to save on company expenses? Need somebody to assist you with your administrative duties? Want to concentrate on core activities to increase productivity?There’s a new way to take care of all your administrative duties and have everything in place – Virtual Assistance.

Virtual Assistance is the perfect solution to enhance business flexibility, increase productivity and support quality output and satisfaction.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant requires a different mindset, a change in how you normally conduct your business.

It requires a change from working face-to-face with employees and assistants to working virtually – where most of the time your only contact is a voice over the phone.

If you are a business owner that can adapt to an ever changing environment, who wants to remain competitive and grow your business to its full potential, hiring a virtual assistant might be a good strategic solution.

Virtual Assistant Forum

What is a Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is a qualified and skilled individual who runs his or her own business from home.
Virtual Assistants provide administrative and or specialised services to any person or business typically from a home based office.
They provide these services via internet, phone and fax.

Typical Virtual Assistant services offered:

  • Administrative Services
  • Secretarial Services
  • Research Assistance
  • Web Site Design
  • Transcription
  • Event Management & Planning



Why Complete VA?

Our Purpose

  To assist with administrative and secretarial support, for example:

  • Maintain contact lists
  • Maintain a calendar and set up meetings
  • Handle correspondence
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Handle billing and accounting
  • Prepare and send out e-mail newsletters
  • Prepare, collate and ship meeting materials
  • Send requested information to customers
  • Handle client enquiries by phone or e-mail

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

  • Only pay for actual time spent on your project
  • No need to provide office space or equipment
  • No fringe benefits involved
  • No tax deductions
  • Cumulative cost savings

Why Virtual Assistance

  • Specialized capabilities and skills
  • Reduces stress
  • Eliminates administrative hassles
  • Saves you time
  • Enhances business flexibility
  • Increase overall profit
  • Improve operating efficiency

When do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

When you do not have enough time to run your business effectively and you are so busy fighting the fires that you barely have time to grow and expand your business.

When your business is running you instead of you running it and you are bugged down by too many routine tasks that need to be done on a daily basis.

When you don’t have a work-life balance anymore and you are so busy on a daily basis and even after hours, that you just don’t have time for anything else.

When you want to focus more on your core competencies yet more than half of your time is spend on non core activities.

When you need assistance but do not have the space and/or additional equipment to consider hiring a person to assist you.

Rates and Services

Rates and Pricing Structure

Rates and Pricing Structure

Hourly based

  • Services can be purchased on an hourly basis, with a minimum quantity of 5 hours, at a rate of ZAR 220 per hour.

Retainer based

Services can be purchased in 5 hour packages, payable in advance.  This entitles our retainer customers to a discounted rate of ZAR 200 per hour.

  • Should 30 hours or more be required, the rate will be discounted to ZAR 180 per hour.
  • Unused hours will expire 60 days after purchase.

Project based

  • Complete VA also specialises in project based work, for which we will do a special quotation.

After a first initial consultation to assess your requirements, contractual documentation and a Non Disclosure Agreement will have to be signed before any work is commenced.

Administration Services

Administration Services

Typing Services
Contact Management
Create email distribution lists
Data capturing on spreadsheet, CRM or database
Basic data processing
Diary management (Professional and Personal)
Event management and coordination
Document formatting
Arrange and organise basic office services (e.g. electricians, facility maintenance)
email communication to customers and distribution lists
email management
Presentations – create and/or update (electronic)
Filing of Expenses and receipts (electronic and/or hard copy)
Filing Services – electronic and hard copies (excluding scanning)
Formulate pre-written customer responses
Gift research and purchasing
Record timesheet information
Report formatting
Restaurant bookings
Service and Product Procurement
Task reminders and management
Teleconferences and online meetings
Telephone and/or email communication on your behalf
Transcription of meeting minutes, notes, audio and video
Travel arrangements (including flight, accommodation, car rental)
Assist with visa applications and passports
Human Resources Services

Human Resources Services

Recruitment advertisements
Screening of applicants and arrange interviews
Reference checks
Typing of new Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Reformat an existing Curriculum Vitae (CV)
Manage recruitment emails
Email communication with successful or unsuccessful candidates
Employee records
Prepare HR Documentation (contracts, offer and termination letters)
Record of staff attendance
Schedule employee period reviews


Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Blog setup and write posts
Create and manage pages on social media sites
Design and publish company newsletter
Design marketing and sales material
Manage email marketing campaigns
Marketing emails
Research your competitors
Resolve complaints and queries
Updates for social media sites
Website design and content
Website review


Meet the Team

Andrea Cronje

Andrea exhibits a phenomenal aptitude towards creative design.  She currently specialises in photography, website graphic design, including the design of logo’s, business cards, stationery and visual content for websites.  She is hardworking and has an incredible eye for detail.

Andrea Cronje

Martie Cronje

Martie is a highly motivated, extremely diligent, organised and driven individual. She has a very strong administration background and a keen creative interest.  She enjoys bringing her administration skills and experience of over 27 years to Complete VA, coupled with building relationships with staff and clients. She has been exposed to various industries and is comfortable with all levels of communication, including staff, management, clients and vendors. In her role as Your Virtual Assistant she will be part of your team where she can make a difference, and use her previously gained skills and experience to provide the level of service which reflects the very high standards she sets for herself.

Martie Cronje



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